Hi, I’m Quinton van der Burgh. President of Generosity Global

As the President of Generosity Water Global, a charitable organization with a worldwide footprint, I am proud to have been a part of bringing clean drinking water to as many as 700 000 people in developing countries.
This country, its people and its resources have all contributed to my success and I feel that it is my moral obligation to return the favour. In doing, so I have founded the QVDB Foundation in hope of making a difference to the people of South Africa and in doing so inspire others to do the same.

It is my mission to help our people and I am always on the look-out for new ventures that boast great potential, whether it be economical or for the greater good. Our current projects range from building wells in underprivileged areas to development centres, focusing on providing individuals with skills they will need to go out into the workplace.
I have taken it upon myself to go beyond the clean water crisis and assist fellow South Africans with the QVDB Foundation Initiative, #ActofGenerosity. I hope to help as many South Africans as possible with this initiative by lightening their financial burdens out of my own pocket.

Ross Stewart

Ross Stewart Robertson

Ross was born and raised in the small town of Pietermaritzburg where he attended Hermansburg High School. After matriculating in 2003, he relocated to the beautiful city of Cape Town to study at UCT where he excelled in several financial courses, which include a B.Bus Sci (Fin) Hons, PGDA, M.Com Taxation VAT and International TAX just to mention a few.

With a mathematical mindset and the determination to succeed, he worked his way up the ranks at EY and later started his own accounting firm which is where he was contracted to work on a project for one of the companies under the Burgh Group umbrella. Once again, he exceed expectations and was brought on full time and is now the Managing Director of Burgh Group Holdings.

When he isn’t burning the midnight oil and taking on new projects, Ross enjoys spending time with friends & family and enjoys working out to keep his body as fit as his mind.

The foundation sits close to home for Ross as he was only able to study further thanks to the financial assistance of his mentor and fellow advisor on the board of QVDB Foundation , Sean Kerr, who is now his colleague at Burgh Group Holdings. As a firm believer in paying it forward, Ross would like to offer his assistance and knowledge of the financial sector to those who need it and hopes to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Sean Patrick Kerr

Sean Patrick Kerr

Sean was born and raised in Johannesburg and was a star pupil at Germiston High School. After matriculating, he studied at Wits and the University of KwaZulu Natal BComt and a BCom Honors CA(SA).

These degrees, accompanied with his expertise & passion for finance and business, have allowed him to add an immense amount of value to several companies over the years, including 16 years at Ernst & Young where he filled the role of a Partner for 6 years. Sean joined the Burgh Group family in 2017 as the CFO for Burgh Group Holdings and has added immense value to the management team thanks to his business knowledge, corporate governance experience and work ethic.

When Sean is not working, he is running ultra-marathons and is President of Rowing South Africa.. His other passions include developing young people and problem solving.

Sean sees the opportunity to be a part of the Quinton Van Der Berg Foundation as a great way to give back by guiding, coaching and advising people on how to handle their financial matters and in doing so, making a positive difference in the community.


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